Thursday, February 2, 2017


I'm fairly new to the Docker scene. I've had an account on since June of 2014 but haven't really taken much time to dig into it until 2016.

Man, that ride in 2016 though! Talk about going from 0 to 100 MPH!

Docker went from being a fringe technology that might be useful in our environment to something that is quickly becoming mission critical.

When I first looked into Docker way back in 2014 it was quite young and immature (in my mind) and it didn't fit our needs at the time. So I tabled the idea of using Docker in our Dev/DevOps process but didn't stay out of it completely and kept reading about it and watching to see where it was going.

Then 2016 hit and I decided to jump back on it and see how it has matured since 2014.

One word: Wow.

I quickly started consuming anything and everything Docker-related: Blogs, newsletters, IRC, Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, Pluralsight, etc. You name it I was reading/watching/listening all things Docker.

By now (February 2017) I have 4 UAT/Production-type containers running and am working hard at trying to Docker more things. I know that's not much in the big scheme of things (I told you I'm still fairly new at this) but I'm excited to expand this and changing how we build and deploy applications.

This image is so true:

I really can't get enough of this amazing technology. It has changed my thought process and I find myself having Docker dreams at night...

Kudos to Nigel (@nigelpoulton) and his excellent Docker tutorials on Pluralsight, the Docker sub-reddit, and of course #docker on IRC.

Here's to a 2017 filled with more Docker!

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