Thursday, February 16, 2017

Container Management & Orchestration - Docker Swarm,Mesosphere Marathon, or Kubernetes.

(Image courtesy of HPE)

As I have quickly learned with using Docker and containers in general that the management and architecture/planning of said containers requires a whole nother level of knowledge and thinking.

While it's super fast and easy to do a docker run hello-world, it quickly becomes apparent that for any scaling, container management, production deploys will require you to use some sort of container orchestration tool.

HPE put out a pretty solid article on the Big 3 - Docker Swarm, Mesosphere Marathon, and Kubernetes. You can read the article here. It's well written and goes into some of the history of orchestration as well as some basic pros and cons of each platform.

I'm currently digging into Kubernetes and Swarm for some of our testing/production stuff. I'll post my thoughts as I get deeper into this world.

Container orchestration is very cool and for anyone wanting to get better at using containers (and DevOps in general) you'll have to learn one of these stacks eventually. It really helps to gather all of those loose ends and puts them under one main umbrella for management and scalability.

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