Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Running Wildcard Self-Signed SSL Certs on IIS 7.5.

Ran across this issue the other day when trying to get multiple local sites running in IIS with self-signed certificates: You can only have 1 site bound to the IP address of the server. So if you only have 1 IP address on that server you can only have 1 Self-Signed Cert running.

BUT there is a way to get multiple SSL sites running off a wildcard Self-Signed Cert though. Follow the steps listed on this site:


But you will need the old SelfSSL.exe and not the one that comes with IIS 7/7.5. Get it here -

Scroll to the bottom and read where you can get it. I've also linked it directly for convenience (if it changes it could break though).


I was able to get multiple sites running with the wildcard SSL and using host headers for the sites.

Pretty slick.

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