Monday, June 15, 2009

Social Media in Recruiting.

Pretty cool article on ERE about utilizing Social Media for recruiting. I've been utilizing SM (mainly Twitter) for the last few months to post jobs and other things from my viewpoint (IT Staffing and Recruiting). When we have a hard-to-fill skill-set or a need to fill something fast I've found that utilizing Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn have been invaluable to generate buzz and even find a few candidates.

Is this the future? Not really sure, it's a low-cost alternative to find people that's for sure. Some might call it a fad, but then again, we've seen a lot of things on the 'net that were fads and have become mainstream staples of our browsing history and usage.

I will say that (at least in our area) there are not a lot of agencies/recruiters utilizing a lot of SM to find people, post jobs, etc. This industry is interesting because a lot of people here are kinda old school in that they don't realize the power of using SM or something else to recruit.  When I came to FGP last year I was about the only one that started to heavily use LinkedIn for my personal network. Now a good number of us use it. I'm still about the only one using Twitter, but that's changing and I'm excited to see more people here using that platform.

Glad to hear that others are utilizing it as well. It's a great resource...if handled properly.

Check out the article on ERE.

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