Friday, June 26, 2009

Recruitment Agencies - Adapt or Die.

Pretty interesting article about how Recruiting Agencies are having to adapt to an ever changing marketplace. My thoughts from the inside of things - I agree with the article in some ways. It's definitely a little tougher out there. There are less agencies around as some of the small mom-n-pop ones are gone, but there is also more competition because agencies that have never targeted our market are now trying to get in this market.

Will agencies be around for a while? I firmly believe so, there is a value that we add that in-house or corporate recruiters can't do:

  • Speed of finding the right candidates for a client. We have a pretty deep pool of candidates and many times can fill a position quite rapidly. A corporate recruiter is typically spread thin and can't necessarily focus that much or have a strong network

  • Niche skill sets. Since we focus solely on IT related skill sets we have a strong network of those people. Again, corporate recruiters don't typicalyl have that deep a pool as they are busy filling everything.

  • Confidential searches. Need to replace someone confidentially? I highly doubt an in-house recruiter will have that ability or skill to do that. This is something we excel at.

  • Contract/Temporary staffing. Most corporate recruiters focus on direct-hires. We focus on contract staffing (and some direct-hire) and the advantages of utilizing an agency for these positions is excellent since there is no HR burden on the company.

Agencies will come and go. The 'net will not kill off agencies. We will have to adapt, change, and improve our process in order to compete effectively. Being small and privately owned it's something we are doing and will do successfully.

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