Monday, October 20, 2008

Brushing the Dust Off.

Hi all!

Wow. This Summer/Fall has been insane. Haven't posted in a good while. Here's what's going on for summary...

1. 1st Baby due in about 4 weeks. That's been really keeping me busy! :) Can't wait. Check out for updates (eventually...)

2. With everything happening in the recent economy things have been just as busy for us here at FGP Tech. Been really working hard to drive new business and build relationships with clients. Will it pay off in the long run? You better believe it.

3. Great article on the value of using a company like ours at this time - MSN Careers.

4. Got my 1st Contract-to-Hire position starting today! That's super exciting!

5. Been really working on my C# programming stuff. Big lab I'm working on but kinda stuck right now. Frustrated but working through it! Rough making my old brain work this hard again... :)

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