Friday, September 12, 2008

C#, Java, .Net, Lua, Ruby on Rails, Oh My!

Back in the day when I used to do web development and some minor scripting the language list was fairly simple. You had HTML, ASP, and PHP for a majority of your web-based development. I remember when Java started coming on the scene, and then JavaScript started becoming popular, and then CSS came out and then wham! Things skyrocketed.

Of course during the time all this skyrocketed I was out of the active development scene and was busy trying to build and run a small business. I just didn't have much time for doing any fun web work while trying to do sales calls, tech support, purchasing and HR all at the same time!

So now that I'm back in a semi-tech role - Sales for FGP Technology - I've had some time to start digging into languages again. I've been going through the Head First Labs C# book and have loved it so far. I'm learning all about namespaces, classes, methods and statements again. Hard to believe I used to know all that when I did some Java stuff back in the late 90's.

My goal is to learn C# and develop a couple of personal projects for the fun of it (maybe even create some PC based versions of some of my favorite board games). After C# I might jump into a web based language again - Ruby, AJAX, ActionScript. Not sure  yet. Guess I need to conquer this mountain first!

It's much easier to learn and do programming at home then it is to learn networking and systems administration. Coding is cheaper than buying a Catalyst switch and playing with IOS at home!

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  1. Game programming is a great way to learn any language. If you can build a game with it, chances are you'll be able to build a web app. Plus game programming is more enjoyable (most of the time).

    If you're trying to learn C# I would recommend checking out

    Good luck!