Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Man, We Almost Had Some Rain Today...

Well, as I write this and get ready to head out the door the sun is shining. First time today in fact. It's been cloudy all day and the forecast of rain didn't really materialize. I'm bummer. My grass is brown and crunchy and could really use some good rain.

I just installed the TwitterFox plug-in. I'm starting to learn a little more of the value of Twitter. Maybe it's cause of this article and reading up on the how and why of Twitter. Great read BTW. I just turned on updates to my phone from a few local Tech folk that I'm following. Good thing I have unlimited text messaging or else I'd be in trouble. Some folk really like to update their Twitters feeds quite a bit...

This past Monday night at the Upstate Entrepreneur Forum we had 2 great speakers. One was Peter Waldschmidt, one of the founders of TetraData and current founder of Gnoso. The other was Carl Sobocinski the founder of Soby's and a few other great restaurants in our city. They spoke about how they founded their companies, the early trials of a start-up, the creative financing, etc. Great inspiration for those that are looking or are in the midst of creating a sustainable business.

It's people like that that shows how great it is to be in this country and to start a company when all you have is a vision and the passion to succeed. It's also great to have these guys here in Greenville, SC too!

Cool tech tidbit I learned from Troy Tolle @ DigitalChalk today. A good Java developer can become a good C# developer in about 2 weeks. The languages/syntax/processes are that similar. Question is - do you come to the dark side and go C# or vice versa? I think a good developer should know both. You can then name your price when it comes to great gigs.

Speaking of C#. I'm looking for a good number of solid C# and ASP.NET developers. From entry-level to Senior level developers. I can put you to work tomorrow. Literally.

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