Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday Already? Olympics? 8/8/08?

Wow. Hard to believe it's Friday already. This week has been a blur (as normal). Had some family in town visiting so it made things go by a lot faster.

Read a pretty cool article on Dave Mendoza's Blog about Pat Cronin, one of the Senior VP's with Volt. Talks about his background as a recruiter and the industry, etc. Good read for the most part. Make sure you read both part 1 and part 2. It's encouraging to me as a new person to this industry that I can succeed and do well in this business. Just think, back when he started there was no 'net and online sourcing sources like LinkedIn. Must have been really rough back then!

I've had a pretty decent week. Made a few client visits and am really trying to grow that part of my work week. I'm struggling to get potential clients to confirm a meeting. Really people, I'm nice! I won't bite your head off! I just want to say person. Been trying to get better on calls as well and followups.

Had a few candidates do some telephone and personal interviews. Some were good and things are moving forward. Slow process at times though cause you are working around the candidates schedule, the clients schedules, etc. It's a balancing act.

Got some new searches going as well! That's always exciting cause that's the bread and butter of our business! No searches = no work = no job! So if any of you are talented Hyperion, Java, C#/ASP.Net, or Web Design gurus let me know! I have work for you! :)

Enjoy the Olympics over the next couple of weeks. Even though it's 08/08/08 for us it's already 8/09 in China. So why are the Olympics on our time schedule? Not like the US started it...

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